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  Shoes for archery competition & more

Archery Laces Shoes Care


Day to Day  Normal Use


As well as being highly resistant, your ALshoes are also very comfortable. They don’t need any special cleaning on a day-to-day basis. To prevent stains and other marks from appearing, you can carry out easy, regular upkeep of your canvas shoes using a foam cleanser.

Cleaning canvas shoes isn't that hard to do, once you know what tools and cleaners to use. You don't have to do this on a weekly basis either, just when you notice your shoes are lacking that new-look appearance. When you need to clean your shoes, the following information provide will give you some clear guidelines on what works best to bring your shoes back to their best look. Cleaning canvas shoes will usually take about 10-15 minutes and the rest of the time will just be for drying.


Follow this recommendations to feel the best experience with your ALshoes 

1- Canvas can repel a small amount of water, but walking in rain or puddles will cause the water to soak through to your foot.

2- Wear absorbent socks. Sweat soaks into canvas, and keeping your canvas shoes dry will help prolong their life.

3- Change your socks daily, or after heavy activity.

4- Loosen your laces before removing your shoes. Pulling your feet out of tight shoes can put stress on the seams.

5- Remove your shoes with your hands, not with your other foot. Stepping on a heel and slipping the foot out of the shoe can stretch the canvas. In Converse Chuck Taylors or similarly styled shoes, doing this repeatedly can cause the rubber sole to fall apart.

6- Remove any dirt with a fine-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush.

Washing And Drying Guide

1- Remove the shoe laces.

2- Soak a clean sponge, then wring it to remove the excess water.

3- Place a few drops of dish soap on the sponge and rub it around to create a lather.

4- Scrub the shoes with the sponge. You can use the toothbrush to scrub away at tough or especially dirty spots.

5- Rinse the sponge and wipe away any excess soap residue from the shoes.

6- Blot the surface of the shoes with one of the hand towels.

7- Stuff a hand towel in each shoe.

8- Turn on a floor fan and place the shoes in front of it to speed drying.

9- As for the laces, wash them like you would wash normal clothes. You can even include them in your next washing machine cycle.

Avoid Washing Machines

Do not use washing machines to clean your canvas shoes. You may get great results initially, but it slowly deteriorates the quality of the shoe. It does this by slowly destroying the adhesive used to keep the shoes intact.  It is always best to hand wash them and avoid applying soap all over the shoe. Always use a small, soft bristle toothbrush if you need to clean the fabric part. The only parts of the shoe that can be washed in the washing machine are the laces.


Humidity treatment: some golden rules to follow!

The Golden rule is store AL-shoes   in a dry place.

To treat your humidity problems, be sure to waterproof your shoes and do not wear the same pair two days in a row. Your shoes need at least 24 hours to air, in order to get rid of the perspiration absorbed. When you are not wearing them, consider storing your shoes in a dry, clean place, preferably in a bag. A shoe tree is a good humidity treatment as well, since the wood will partially absorb any perspiration.

The right humidity treatment for you

Our feet sweat in our shoes, making them humid inside. As far as humidity problems go, this is easy to solve: a very simple humidity treatment is available. All you need to do is put paper inside your shoes, ideally crude wrapping paper as it is often very absorbent. The paper will absorb the humidity and keep the shoes from getting deformed from the wet. Another option on a fine day is just to leave your shoes outside, even in the sun. If you’re looking for another humidity treatment, specific products such as absorbent powder or talc also help. 

Dry Thoroughly Before Wearing Again

After washing the shoes, stuff them with brown paper bags, paper towels, or any type of paper. Do not use any paper with print, as the ink may transfer to your shoes and you'll have more problems removing them once they dry. Dry the shoes by placing them in any open area (air-dry), together with the laces. Do not put the shoes under direct heat as it may cause the fabric of your shoes to break and become brittle or dried out. Once dry, put the laces back in.